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It is a very good idea to fit a smoke detector in your home. It really can be a life saver because, at night, it can wake you up if a fire starts and before you sleep forever from smoke inhalation. However, when you leave home a free standing smoke detector won’t be heard by [...]

Could your garden shed be a security risk?

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The garden shed wasn’t locked because the owner thought there wasn’t much of value in it. The burglar found an old spade inside. With the spade the burglar levered open the conservatory door and made an entrance. The door was badly damaged and need an expensive replacement – but that was nothing compared with the [...]

How To Save On Your Electricity Bill!

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GuardHome bellbox

An interesting article on why it is important that people select professionally certified security companies for alarms, CCTV etc. click here   Of course if you are only interested in getting it for the lowest price, my advice is don’t bother to have anything, because I can almost guarantee it won’t work properly and so [...]