Oliver Clark

Modern Innovations in CCTV Technology – Coming soon

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When GuardHome Ltd was founded back in 2004, we were one of the first companies to offer reliable wireless alarm systems. Today, wireless technology has become the mainstream. Arguably, the same cannot be said of wireless CCTV systems – yet. However, there are a whole host of innovative features our systems can provide.┬áIn the next [...]

What is the difference between burglary and robbery?

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A couple of days ago we published a local crime stats chart. The chart presented different categories for crimes that involve theft. Two of these categories were ‘burglary’ and ‘robbery’. These two terms are often confused. So what is the difference? Burglary is defined by the law as the unlawful entry to a structure to [...]

Crime Statistics

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We are taking a look at some recent statistics of reported crime in the surrounding areas of our main base in Old Harlow and our Woodford Green office. The chart below illustrates crimes in a one-mile radius in the vicinity of each postcode.                         [...]