Setting my GuardHome alarm from Colombia

Yes, it’s possible! GuardHome make it possible for you to set your alarm from anywhere in the world. I recently took a three week trip to Colombia and had no problems checking on my home even from 5000 miles away. All I needed was internet connectivity to access a simple app on my smart device. [...]

Burglars on the rampage in Bishops Stortford

In the last week of January there were nine burglaries across Bishops Stortford in just five days. Four of them took place in just one afternoon. In one of the burglaries £3000 worth of jewellery was stolen. In another case, they took £1,700 of jewellery and a car key. It will cost the owners £500 just to [...]

Wireless CCTV – why not?

Is it time to think about a wireless CCTV system? Probably not, and here’s why… Whilst there are some small benefits such as the ease and speed of installation, there are plenty of downsides that are more important to think about. Cost A CCTV system with wireless components will usually be more expensive than the [...]

Is my internet speed fast enough for CCTV?

Yes! – or probably – it depends. One of the factors is down to the quality of a camera. The simple rule of thumb is: the higher the definition, the more bandwidth it will use. How can you measure whether you have a speedy connection or not? You’ll need to monitor your… 1) Download speed. [...]

NSI – One more reason to choose GuardHome

We are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate They are a UKAS certified organisation who ensure that the work that we undertake in the security industry is compliant with the relevant UK and European standards and any other codes of practice that might apply. Unlike a trade organisation, where you pay your subs and [...]

Caring For Your Customers Brings Rewards

It is argued that acquiring new clients costs in the order of five times the rate of retaining existing ones. I would maintain that the ratio might be considerably more than this, especially when you factor in the likelihood of additional business that your existing clients could provide. We recently upgraded the alarm system for [...]

Part night lighting

‘The Part Night Light Program’ has been introduced by Essex council whereby street lights in some areas are turned off. The council insists the program will not lead to greater crime rates, however, the change can understandably leave people feeling vulnerable, particularly the elderly. Over 70% of the 127,000 council-owned streetlights are operating part night [...]

The surprising and unintended benefits of GuardHome equipment

Over the Christmas period, a client of ours went away to America on holiday with their family. This particular client, like many of our newer clients added the optional extra of a ‘GuardHome Powerlink module’ to their alarm system. Referring back to a recent blog, the Powerlink module enables you (and us) to connect to [...]

The difference between Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

The difference is very important… Digital Zoom is simply the camera enlarging the image at the centre of the frame. Optical Zoom is very different. It is a true zoom in the sense that the lens itself is adjusted. Digital zoom will degrade the quality of the image because the pixel resolution is reduced. Optical [...]

Modern Innovations in CCTV Technology – Comparison

  Take a look at the video GuardHome created in 2011 of a Pan, Tilt, Zoom CCTV camera. At the time the video was posted, this was one of the highest quality cameras available on the market.   Now let’s look another GuardHome video, this one was created and uploaded much more recently. The comparison [...]