Modern Innovations in CCTV Technology – Coming soon

When GuardHome Ltd was founded back in 2004, we were one of the first companies to offer reliable wireless alarm systems. Today, wireless technology has become the mainstream. Arguably, the same cannot be said of wireless CCTV systems – yet. However, there are a whole host of innovative features our systems can provide.┬áIn the next [...]

What is the difference between burglary and robbery?

A couple of days ago we published a local crime stats chart. The chart presented different categories for crimes that involve theft. Two of these categories were ‘burglary’ and ‘robbery’. These two terms are often confused. So what is the difference? Burglary is defined by the law as the unlawful entry to a structure to [...]

Crime Statistics

We are taking a look at some recent statistics of reported crime in the surrounding areas of our main base in Old Harlow and our Woodford Green office. The chart below illustrates crimes in a one-mile radius in the vicinity of each postcode.                         [...]

More examples of modern HD CCTV

If you liked our previous YouTube demonstrations then you might like to view these. HD (Hi Definition) PTZ (PanTilt Zoom) CCTV Tracking HD (Hi Definition) PTZ (PanTilt Zoom) CCTV – Zoom & Pre-set HD (Hi Definition) PTZ (PanTilt Zoom) CCTV Night Tracking

Vagrants Keep Out

I love a security challenge that is a bit unusual and exercises my technical ability. We have a CCTV client in central London who is having problems with vagrants and other ne’er do wells occupying their open basement areas for their nefarious activities at night. (This has only become apparent since we installed their shiny [...]

How easy is your home to burgle

Imagine that you have lost your keys and need to break into your home but you don’t want to disturb the neighbours or make it obvious what’s happening. What would you do? How easily could you get in? By doing this exercise you may be able to spot security gaps. For a burglar it would [...]

Summer time is – break in time

It was a lovely summer day so the windows were opened. Then the home owner needed to go out urgently – for just a few minutes. The windows were left open. When the homeowner returned half an hour later they found their house had been ransacked by someone looking for things to steal. They didn’t [...]

Could your garden shed be a security risk?

The garden shed wasn’t locked because the owner thought there wasn’t much of value in it. The burglar found an old spade inside. With the spade the burglar levered open the conservatory door and made an entrance. The door was badly damaged and need an expensive replacement – but that was nothing compared with the [...]

GuardHome Exhibiting At The Gibberd Gallery

Harlow is justly proud of its engineering heritage. It is home to Fiber Optics and this year it is celebrating 50 years of its discovery by Sir Charles Kao, at the artistic home of another of its celebrated residents, and designer of Harlow itself, Sir Frederick Gibberd. The Gibberd Gallery at the Civic Centre in [...]