Stop the Burglar – Access to Tools

Using the correct tools; the average locksmith is able to bypass a five-lever mortice lock in under 3 minutes. For a more simple Yale lock, we are looking at more like 30 seconds.  This is a scary thought and it is not too difficult to get your hands on the tools locksmiths use. The ‘skeleton’ [...]

Dummy Bell Boxes

Just because a bell box can act as a deterrent; doesn’t mean that’s all it should be good for. Dummy boxes are all well and good as long as they are a support act for a functioning bell. Some mainstream companies think it is okay just to install dummy bell boxes, because it is cheaper than [...]

Bell Boxes – Even more important than you think

The main purpose of a bell box is obvious… to make a ruddy great noise. Their role in preventing a burglary in the first place however is possibly even more important than their function. Burglars will usually quiver in their boots at the sight of a clean, branded bell box. This suggests to them that [...]

Our Annual NSl Visit

GuardHome are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate. We must continually demonstrate that we are worthy to use the NSI logo. Yesterday, we had our annual inspection. Everything went smoothly and the inspector had nothing but praise for our small company; referring to us as “one of my better companies”. The day consisted of separate visits [...]

Dedicated To Your Security and Safety

Here at GuardHome, we have a designated server in order to monitor all of our client’s alarm systems. From this we can not only tell you if your system has been breached but also the exact location in which the breach has taken place. We can also virtually edit the settings of your panel and [...]

Bicycle theft – a surprising statistic

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the wave of bicycle thefts around Harlow recently, I came across an interesting statistic while researching the topic. Reported bicycle theft, much to my surprise, has decreased massively over the last couple of decades. In the UK, bicycles in households are three times less likely to be stolen than [...]

Bike Theft in Harlow

Over the last week there have been a spate of bike thefts in the Harlow area and various appeals have been made on communal websites. Personally, I have had two bikes stolen from me. The first theft was down to my own carelessness. My friend and I had tied both of our bikes together using [...]

Why is a wireless system so superior?

To follow on from the previous blog… here are some potential advantages of a wireless system. Speed of installation With a wireless system we don’t have to run cable from every sensor or device to the main panel. The installation process for a wired system may take several days. With our systems; we are very [...]

Wired Intruder Alarm Systems – why are they still around?

With today’s staggering advancements in technology, one could argue that there is no room for wired intruder systems. Wired systems, however, continue to find their way into people’s homes and businesses. So the question is: why? One theory is many people are simply oblivious to the concept of a wireless option. People may be suspicious [...]