All types of alarm

Our wireless alarm systems are modern, reliable, quick to fit and easy to use. They functions as burglar alarms, fire alarms, panic alarms, and all in one simple to use integrated security system.

 "Wireless" means that...

  • There is no mess or channeling into walls when your alarm is fitted so there is no redecorating to do.
  • Each sensor can be fitted in the most suitable position rather than where the wiring requirments dictates - and that makes the sensor more effective.
    Wireless Motion Sensor

    A Wireless Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detector

  • It is easy to change your systems or add other sensors to it.
  • It is possible to fit alarms and sensors were wired alarms are inpracticable. For example,  listed building and outbuildings can be cater for.
  • Wireless key fobs can be used instead of having to key in numbers to a keypad - simple and easy every time.
Key fob

Each key fob is easy to use and has a band for easy identification

Contact Switch

Wireless magnetic contact switch - detects opening door, window, etc

GuardHome Control Panel

GuardHome Control Panel


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protect your home

Protect your home

Most homes are poorly protected against burglaries. If you strengthen your security and make it obvious your will greatly reduce your chances of being burgled. Physical security is essential but alarms and CCTV are powerful deterrents. When we carry out a survey we consider all aspects of your security and are able to advise on [...]

protect your business

Protect your business

Unprotected business premises are often high risk targets.  Alarms  and CCTV reduce the risks significantly. Fire is another risk. Fire detection and alarm systems can save lives and property. When we carry out a survey we consider all aspects of your security and are able to advise on how best to improve it. General points [...]

customer care

Ongoing Care

Our well-designed and installed systems are trouble free almost all the time – helped by regular maintenance. Don’t let unregulated installers into your home or business – there is nothing to say they aren’t criminals. Under our maintenance agreement you have 24/7 365 access to an emergency help line. Whatever time of the hour or [...]