An exciting new phase for GuardHome

This week is very exciting for us at GuardHome as it sees work starting on our new offices. After almost ten years  of running my business from a very cosy room in my home, I have decided we are sufficiently mature  to have our own offices.

Some of the local residents may already have seen the “for sale” signs outside my home. This is another part of my strategy for moving GuardHome on to the next level. A couple of doors away from our current location, my neighbour has a garden building that will make a perfect office for GuardHome, so I shall be buying an office with a house attached!

The building will need a few modification before we can move in, so this is why we are starting preparatory work now.

Of course we shall continue to provide our clients with the excellent service that they have grown accustomed to during the transition and they are safe in knowledge that our offices will be protected by GuardHome security. We shall also be adding a certified fire protection system, installed by GuardHome, of course and we are looking at renewable energy options as our overall environmental strategy. Not only do we want to protect your homes and businesses against burglary and fire, but we also like to do whatever we can to help preserve our planet  for future generations!