Are there burglaries in your area?

GuardHome bellbox

If you hear of a burglary nearby it’s often a sign that there will be more, and you could be next. Recently in a St Albans there was a spate of burglaries in one particular locality. People kept having alarms fitted – after they had been burgled! Be smart and get a burglar alarm fitted [...]

How Complicated Are Our Alarm Systems?

For us to program? Very… For you to use? Not very… Luckily for our clients – we provide them with training on the day of installation. We do this for as long as it takes for them to operate and understand the basics of the system. Things are a lot more complex for us programmers. [...]

Power cuts: What happens to my alarm?

It will always happen at some point. Some neighbourhoods experience power outages more often than others of course. This is a question that is not often asked until it actually happens. Nevertheless, we thought we would answer it anyway. In the event of a power cut there is no need to worry. Every GuardHome alarm panel [...]

Burglar’s code signs

Several times in recent years, police released images of chalk and paint signs which have been spotted on roads, kerbs and walls near homes. Some burglars like to work in packs and these symbols have been used to share information for potential burglars about what they may find in someone’s home.   If you see [...]


  As the 25th May deadline looms many companies in the security industry will have no idea of what is expected of them with GDPR. It’s not just security companies like GuardHome that have to be prepared for GDPR when it comes to CCTV but also any busines that owns a CCTV camera. We recommend [...]

Today’s Job

Today, we travelled to South Kensington in order to help someone re-connect to their CCTV system. The client had lost connection a long time ago and had no access to his cameras surrounding the property. Furthermore, the company who had done the previous work on the system had left the user and admin password as [...]

The Awful Truths of Unsecured CCTV Systems

Many of the smart devices we use at home are exposed to some serious privacy intrusions. Some come with their own default username and password and we are often advised to change them to something more secure. Some, however, do not offer this option to change and these are the most exposed. This is a [...]

Social Media – A Burglar’s Best Friend

With the rapid rise of social media, burglars have easy access to information regarding a homeowner’s whereabouts. Social media platforms can inform a burglar of what you have, where you live, and how long you will be away from the property. The worst thing in particular you can do is share your location at an [...]

Stop the Burglar – Keeping your valuables out of sight

Burglars look like you and I – they dress like us, walk like us, and talk like us. They come in all shapes and sizes. Many clients come to us do so because they have already been burgled. The amount of people who have been burgled after having work done in their house is too [...]

Stop the Burglar – Access to Tools

Using the correct tools; the average locksmith is able to bypass a five-lever mortice lock in under 3 minutes. For a more simple Yale lock, we are looking at more like 30 seconds.¬† This is a scary thought and it is not too difficult to get your hands on the tools locksmiths use. The ‘skeleton’ [...]