Hot Weather Watch!

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When the hot weather arrives it’s so easy to leave windows and doors open or undone at the end of the day – and then an intruder can just walk in. You might think that the chances of this are low but think again because it is well know that some burglars have regular routs [...]

The Value Of First Class Security

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We strongly believe in the deterrent value of the security systems that we install. This is borne out by the statistics that I have compiled over the sixteen plus years that we have been protecting our clients. This amounts to millions of accumulated hours that have kept our clients safe from intruders. Compared against national [...]

How fast is a break in?

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Yesterday I spoke to someone who had a break in at his home last Saturday. For reasons I won’t go into he knew that the whole thing had only lasted 5 minutes, including the opening of his front door which was locked. He lost a number of small valuable items. Do you have a modern [...]


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It is a very good idea to fit a smoke detector in your home. It really can be a life saver because, at night, it can wake you up if a fire starts and before you sleep forever from smoke inhalation. However, when you leave home a free standing smoke detector won’t be heard by [...]

Caring For Your Customers Brings Rewards

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It is argued that acquiring new clients costs in the order of five times the rate of retaining existing ones. I would maintain that the ratio might be considerably more than this, especially when you factor in the likelihood of additional business that your existing clients could provide. We recently upgraded the alarm system for [...]

Vagrants Keep Out

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I love a security challenge that is a bit unusual and exercises my technical ability. We have a CCTV client in central London who is having problems with vagrants and other ne’er do wells occupying their open basement areas for their nefarious activities at night. (This has only become apparent since we installed their shiny [...]