How fast is a break in?

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Yesterday I spoke to someone who had a break in at his home last Saturday. For reasons I won’t go into he knew that the whole thing had only lasted 5 minutes, including the opening of his front door which was locked. He lost a number of small valuable items. Do you have a modern [...]

Could your garden shed be a security risk?

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The garden shed wasn’t locked because the owner thought there wasn’t much of value in it. The burglar found an old spade inside. With the spade the burglar levered open the conservatory door and made an entrance. The door was badly damaged and need an expensive replacement – but that was nothing compared with the [...]

We live in the real world – and deliver real world CCTV systems

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As a lover of science fiction, I like nothing more to imagine that I could travel round the universe visiting strange new worlds, seeking out new civilisations etc etc. But I know it is only an artificial image created by clever special effects and computer graphics and will never be a reality for quite some [...]

Our New Tag Line – Dedicated To You Security And Safety

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With the news full of the forthcoming EU referendum, I thought if would be cool to have a little voting session of our own. For the past couple of years our tag line has been Seriously Good Security For People Who Take Their Security Seriously, a bit of a tongue twister and perhaps it tries [...]

Do You Need Our Free Fast Track Service?

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Our latest client is much closer to home than the New Forest trek last Friday, in fact in Old Harlow, just around the corner from Sentinel House. They were burgled recently so we “fast tracked” them. This is a unique free service that we offer to potential clients that we consider in need of an [...]

GuardHome – Dedicated to Your Security and Safety

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Darren applying the finishing touches to our latest install, all the way down in the New Forest! That’s right the New Forest in Hampshire, about a 6 hour round trip. Why you might ask? Quite simply we were asked to do so by an existing client, so that is reason enough for us! It is [...]