Caring For Your Customers Brings Rewards

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It is argued that acquiring new clients costs in the order of five times the rate of retaining existing ones. I would maintain that the ratio might be considerably more than this, especially when you factor in the likelihood of additional business that your existing clients could provide. We recently upgraded the alarm system for [...]

Are The Days Of The Dummy Deterrent Numbered?

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I ask this question because unusually I have seen three of my local clients (this includes myself) targetted by thieves, since the start of this year. In each of these cases the thieves left empty handed because the security system that we installed was fully operational. So as soon as the burglars attempted to enter [...]

Make Sure You Wake Up If You Have An Unwelcome Fire This Christmas

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I happen to follow London Fire Brigade on twitter and increasingly I am seeing more and more fires started as a result of people buying cheap inferior products on-line such as hair straighteners, phone chargers etc. Now on this mornings news there are already incidents of the same happening with cheaper Hoverboard models. Items that [...]

Applying Proven Military Reliability Screening Techniques

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Having spent more than 30 years in the demanding world of defence equipment, one of my most interesting roles was being responsible for front line equipment reliability. A British Army General once said to me that he didn’t want his troops to have to carry a single piece of equipment that didn’t work properly. So [...]

Seriously Good Security For People Who Take Their Security (And Welfare) Seriously

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GuardHome bellbox

Our new tag line (above) that I recently introduced, isn’t simply a play on words. It is intended to make potential clients think seriously about making a choice if they plan to make an investment in security, because that is how security should be looked upon, as an investment. Your return on this investment is [...]

New Fire System Installed in Sentinel House

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GuardHome bellbox

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that ALL business premises (and this care homes, guest houses etc. often referred to as HMO’s House in Multi Occupation) conduct a fire risk assessment to protect the occupants and premises against fire. So wether you run a large multi-national business or a small B&B, you are [...]

Good Advice or a Liability?

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GuardHome bellbox

Well meaning advice must always be viewed with a degree of caution, as it can sometimes be misleading. I was talking to a recent burglary victim the other day, who had recently moved into an out-of-the way rural area. They consulted the Police when they moved in. The Police visited their home and remarked that [...]

NSI Recertification Proudly Completed!

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We are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate They are a UKAS certified organisation who ensure that the work that we undertake in the security industry is compliant with the relevant UK and European standards and any other codes of practice that might apply. Unlike a trade organisation, where you pay your subs and [...]

Attention To Detail – Does Your Alarm Company Clean Your Bell Box?

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A Clean Bell Box! This might seem a small insignificant point, but if you think about it, it is incredibly important! This is what Attention To Detail (ATD) is all about! When we install alarm systems we place a highly visible branded bell box (they haven’t contained bells for sometime but old habits die hard) usually [...]

What do the latest crime statistics mean?

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Crime Stoppers - Crime Statistics

Certain types of crime, like burglaries, are  definiately going up  but what do the figures mean and can they be trusted? For a simple explanation about crime statistsics see this explanation from Crime Stoppers. What do the figure mean to you?  In one sense the figures tell you your chance of being a victim if [...]