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With our advances systems you can stream live CCTV images to another location such as your laptop or mobile phone.

The images being recorded on-site are of high quality.  The quality of the images you see remotely depends upon the quality of the receiving equipment and bandwidth of the internet connection you are using.

Here is a step by step guide that tells you how to try the live demonstration.

Note that this demonstration only runs on a PC.
To view your CCTV images on a phone or other mobile device requires additional software – which we supply free of charge.

Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for this demonstration.

1. Click on the following link OR Start a new window in your browser and enter the following URL
Note. Your browser may ask you to authorise the download of software to allow access to the images. You must authorise the download to see the images.
If your screen just appears blank with the tab showing the name NetVideoControl you are on the right page but the software you need to download has been blocked by your browser.  You must change your browser settings or try an alternative browser.

2. The following screen should appear.

CCTV Demo log in

CCTV Demo log in

3. Enter the username “Guest” and Password “48378” and then click OK.

4. A new screen appears and on the left hand panel you will see the following folder list. Right click on the top items and select “All main streams”

CCTV Live Demo Start

CCTV Live Demo Start

5. You can now view the set of live images.

Please note…

  • All images are live. Traffic may be seen passing on the road.
  • During the hours of daylight the images are in colour.
  • During the hours of darkness the images are black and white representations of infra red images.
  • There can be a transmission delay over the internet. The clock image is showing the correct local time (Harlow, Essex, England, UK)
  • There is a PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom ) control on screen to adjust the camera settings but this facility has been disabled for the demo)

Please log out when you have finished watching the demo.

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