Answers to Ask Eric

Should I replace my locks when I move into a new home?

The simple answer to this question is yes, if the home was previously occupied.

You never know who still has a key to the locks of your home when you take possession.

You should also check the rating of your locks to make sure they comply with you insurance requirements.

Your insurance may ask for a BS3621 compliant lock for standard doors. You can tell if it is compliant by looking for a British Standard Kite Mark.

British Standards Kite Mark

These locks are more resistant to burglars, so when it comes to replacing those locks, buy ones that your insurance company will be happy with.

For modern µPVC doors with euro style multi-point lock the problem is more complicated, although there is now a British Standard (BS EN 1303) to cover this type of lock as well. Always remember that lifting the lever only engages the locking mechanisms, you still need to use the key to lock this door.

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