Been burgled

If you’ve recently been burgled and want to know what to do and how to protect yourself against it happening again you’ve come to the right place.  Call us now us on 0844 669 8655 (local rates apply) to get quick answers to your questions.

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Instant Response


If you are in an area supported by one of our security advisors we aim to be around to see you the same day and to get a burglar alarm installed for you there and then if you wish.   This is our Instant Response Service - to the best of our knowledge no other security firm offers such a service.


Please phone to see if your area is covered.  The sooner you call us on 0844 669 8655  (local rates apply) the sooner we'll be around to see you.


Even if you aren't in one of our areas it's still worth calling us because we can give you free help and advice over the phone which will help you find what you need. Or you might like to look at our Buy Wisely information.


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You could have an alarm installed today.  Why wait?


Wireless bellbox in situ











The wireless bellbox is installed with minimal disruption. It has a constantly flashing light that shows it is active.  When an alarm is triggered there is a bright strobe light and a 109dB siren that is difficult to ignore, especially someone trying to enter your home.


 No extra charge


There is no extra charge for our fast service and our wireless alarms systems are well designed, professionally installed, competitively priced and backed up by excellent support and maintenance at a sensible price.





 Peace of mind


Most people feel fearful and unsafe after they have been burgled.   The moment they have one of our alarms installed they start to feel safe and secure again.    An alarm is a great deterrent.   That GuardHome branded bellbox on the front of your house is a clear message to any would-be burglar to pass by and find an easier victim.


Wireless bellbox




















Please note that the detailed picture of the bellbox indicates the size of the it by showing it on a bricked surface.  A house brick is roughly 23 cm x 8cm ( 9" x 3" ).


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