Is my internet speed fast enough for CCTV?

Yes! – or probably – it depends.

One of the factors is down to the quality of a camera. The simple rule of thumb is: the higher the definition, the more bandwidth it will use.

How can you measure whether you have a speedy connection or not? You’ll need to monitor your…
1) Download speed.
2) Upload speed.

The average download speed of broadband in the UK is currently ranked at around 25mbps and the upload a rather dismal 3mbps.

The most typical cameras deployed are between 720p and 1080p. GuardHome recommends a download speed of at least 3mbps of download speed and 1mbps of upload speed. 

In theory then, for a decent quality CCTV camera, a connection well below average should still be enough. However, as technology develops, so does CCTV quality. If you were to acquire a 4k CCTV camera, the recommended download speed is around 12mbps.

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