It Pays To Listen

It is a mark of a fool who thinks that they are all knowing.

We like to make sure that when we meet up with our clients, that we take time to talk to them. This has many advantages. It allows up to develop a closer relationship, to keep up to date with their security concerns (because they do change), but it also allows us to understand if we are doing anything wrong.

I would like to thank Associated Beverages, one of our many valuable business clients who has pointed out a flaw in our contract documentation.

We pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our documents, but after ten years of operations it has come to light that we do not fully spell out what our support and maintenance contracts cover! Of course this has never really been a problem as we cover virtually everything under this for our clients.

So I shall be preparing a statement on Support and Maintenance very soon which we will be adding to our contract documentation pack.