Reasonable Force?

This week, at their party conference, the Conservative party announced that they were going to change the law to be more sympathetic to individuals who use force to defend their homes, families and possessions against burglars.


This is to be welcomed as it takes away the uncertainty that might otherwise occur if one is confronted with such a situation. The last thing that you need to worry about if you were to come across an intruder is having to ponder the possibility that you might be prosecuted if you were to injure them.  Of course this cannot be seen as a licence for brutality. Laying out an arsenal of weapons, just in case,  is not likely to be seen as simple self defence. 

It remains our firm conviction that you should avoid getting involved in any form of physical violence if at all possible. After all, the advantage is usually with the burglar as they are already operating at a heightened level of expectation. Also remember, that they are criminals, so who knows what weapons that they may be carrying?

Far better, in our view, to deter them in the first instance by having a professional alarm system fitted. You are far less likely to become a target. Should a shady looking individual appear on your property, then phone the police and trigger your alarm. This is more likely to disorientate them, bring attention to them and therefore make them scarper.

Our alarms include a panic button built into the wireless keyfob.


 It is easy to trigger from almost anywhere inside your property, and of course it will immediately dial anyone who is on your dialling list to alert them of your predicament as well!