Summer Time Burglaries

Burglars come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately though, the majority of burglars are opportunists. Contrary to popular belief, 65% of burglaries occur between 6am and 6pm. If you think it is safe to leave the windows open while you pop out to the shops on a hot summers day… it isn’t. Don’t let someone get into your home. Always check all doors and windows are closed before you go out. Small or athletic burglars can get into tricky places and squeeze through small windows.

A business associate of ours (before they were GuardHome Safe) was shocked when his teenage son who had forgotten his keys managed to squeeze into a tiny elevated window that he thought of as impossible to get into.

Not forgetting, home insurance companies often won’t pay out if it’s not technically a ‘break in’. This is because they will deem the homeowner as not taking the proper precaution to protect the property.