The dangers of unregulated installers

Would you let someone with a criminal record install an alarm system in your home or business? of course not! An unscrupulous alarm installer would have the ability to give themselves access to your property. They could steal your belongings while you were out and cover up how they gained entry.

But how would you know that that nice friendly freelance alarm installer, who offers you a special cheap deal, hasn’t got a criminal record? Well, unless you have reliable evidence that they have been properly security cleared you wouldn’t know. It’s a sad and perhaps surprising fact that there is no mandatory regulation of alarm installers in the UK. Someone can quite literally walk out of prison one day and be working as an uncertified alarm installer the next.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself by only using certified installers and the NSI accreditation that GuardHome has is
what you should look out for. Incidentally, some people talking about certification mention NACOS but they are out of date because that is what the forerunner of NSI was called many years ago.