What do the latest crime statistics mean?

Certain types of crime, like burglaries, are  definiately going up  but what do the figures mean and can they be trusted?

For a simple explanation about crime statistsics see this explanation from Crime Stoppers.

What do the figure mean to you?  In one sense the figures tell you your chance of being a victim if you don’t do anything to help yourself.  In the case of burglary you can drastically reduce your chances of bing a victim by taking a variety of measure.   Some of them are simple and even free like not leaving windows open when you go out and making sure you have good quality locks fitted.

One of the best deterrents is to have an alarm system professionally fitted.  We would say that wouldn’t we – but it’s true.

Don’t become  a crime statistsic – fit an alarm.

Crime Stoppers - Crime Statistics